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Commerce works best without conflict, but all too often, businesses face a dispute with a customer or contractor that they can’t resolve on their own. When that happens to you, count on Cheek Law Firm, P.L.L.C. to negotiate a solution, to pursue arbitration or mediation or to fight for you in court. Whether your matter involves an alleged breach of contract or more complex issues, we will represent you capably with dedication and persistence.

Providing staunch representation in breach of contract cases

One of the most common causes of commercial dispute is an alleged breach of contract. The parties may disagree about whether they have a binding contract or about the terms or scope of the agreement, especially if it is ambiguous. They may also differ on whether each party substantially performed their contractual duties and whether the conditions that required performance were met. A breach of contract can injure your business not merely by giving you less than you bargained for but also by depriving you of future profits that the contract was meant to attain. In any breach of contract case, each side can assert claims for damages and other remedies, such as specific performance, reformation and renunciation, as well as its own defenses. Our goal is to pursue an outcome that makes our client whole while avoiding disruptions in relationships that are vital to the business’s continued success.

Providing knowledgeable, skilled advocacy in complex commercial litigation

We are proficient in litigation involving complex areas of business law, including such matters as:

  • Antitrust
  • Unfair trade practices
  • Trade regulation violations
  • Debt collection
  • Lender liability
  • Intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks
  • Securities fraud and insider trading
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

Other matters we handle involve product liability, professional negligence, commercial real estate and premises liability. We use our experience and legal knowledge to build and implement a strong case in our clients’ favor, whether we are on the plaintiff or defense side.

Pursuing affordable alternatives to litigation

We understand that litigation can be a significant drain on your financial resources as well as being disruptive to your business operations. Whenever advantageous to our clients’ interests, we opt for quicker, cost-effective means of dispute resolution, such as arbitration and mediation. We have used these alternative mechanisms effectively to settle disputes either prior to or during the course of litigation, thereby saving our clients time, money and business interruption.

Contact an aggressive Oklahoma City law firm to get your business moving again

If your business has been damaged due to someone else’s conduct or you need to defend yourself in a commercial dispute, retaining capable, experienced litigation counsel is essential. Cheek Law Firm, P.L.L.C. is ready to provide the representation you need. Call us at 405-832-1257 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.